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Making the Most of Small Spaces

Making the Most of Small Spaces

With the tiny home trend gaining strength, more and more people are embracing the challenge of making small space functional and fashionable. Some prefer to trade square footage and yard space for location and amenities – something very common in Fort Lauderdale! Getting comfort and style while reducing clutter in a small home can be done with a few smart furniture choices and a good understanding of colors and placement in small rooms.

Keep It Light And Bright

Dark colors make a room look smaller, so stick to lighter choices for small rooms. If you absolutely love dark red or chocolate brown, there is no reason you can’t make it a part of your room, just use it as an accent color instead of painting the walls in that color. Try to choose lighter tones for flooring, wall paint, and the largest pieces of furniture in the room.

Darker, more vibrant colors are perfect for things like throw cushions, place mats, candles, and decorative vases and other art pieces. They will bring those richer colors into the space without overwhelming it and making it feel dark and cramped.

Choose Furniture That Does More

Save space by making your furniture multi-task for you. Look for coffee and end tables that include storage for books, remote controls, and magazines. Choose storage ottomans where you can stash extra blankets and other items. If you occasionally need a larger dining room table, pick one with a butterfly leaf that can easily be tucked away when not in use.

Look for an all-in-one entertainment unit for your television and home theater components that will allow you to tuck things away out of sight to prevent clutter. A unit that includes storage for DVDs and CDs provides even more use—but watch that the piece is not so large as to dwarf the room.

Simple Walls And Windows 

Putting too much on the walls contributes to the clutter feeling, so keep it simple. Choose a few favorite paintings or carefully placed floating shelves showcasing your favorite vase or candles. Keep framed photos simple; avoid fancy frames and don’t hang too many photos in one place.

Choose sheer or semi-sheer window coverings in light colors to allow more light into the room. Dark, heavy curtains will contribute to the small and claustrophobic feeling small spaces can too easily have.

Small spaces can be just as elegant as large ones, and feel a lot bigger than they are if you make smart decorating choices. Make the best use of all your square footage, and keep it light and airy for the best results.

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